Epic Brewing = Epic Beer Tasting!

John Turk form Epic Brewing stopped by to give us a taste experience.  First off, John is an awesome guy.  Super craft beer enthusiast, has his own craft beer radio show on AM 760 Saturdays starting at noon (coloradocraftbeershow.com), and he is just an all around super knowledgeable guy in the craft beer arena.

With that said he picked "the best brewery" to work for in his words, and I can see why.  Epic is the only brewery in the nation to specialize in only high ABV beers, and with that they really put the craft into craft beers.  If you have never had an Epic beer, run (don't walk) to the nearest place you can find one and try them.  You will not be disappointed.

We tried the Blueski Lager, a wonderful easy drinking lager that will most likely be the Bud/Coors replacement for us on tap.  Laura and I also loved the Sour Apple Saison, a ridiculously strong beer (that doesn't taste like it) and bordering just on the edge of sour (without souring agents).  Add in some spices and you have an amazing beer.  We also really liked the Stout.  Everything a stout should be, without any fancy stuff.  Most likely the Guinness replacement on Nitrous.

Their Brainless series is just that, so good you don't need to think about it...  just drink it.  They have peach, raspberry (which we tried - Laura's new favorite), and cherry along with the belgium golden which is the base for all the fruit beers.  These beers close in on the 10% ABV range and taste better than Kool-Aid (meaning can't tast the alcohol and easy drinking).  Get some.

The last one I will mention is the Escape to Colorado IPA.  This is a great bridge IPA that we will have to have on tap.  Wonderful hop flavor, but not overwhelming at all.  This will be a great beer to bridge people into IPAs that want to try them.

All in all, a wonderful tasting event.  Thanks John for the beer and the industry info!  We appreciate it!

May all of your beers be tasty,

Strving to be the best darn Tap House in the bar Denver Littleton Area. posted: August 27, 2013
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Let the Beer Tasting Begin!

So Jerard at Oskar Blues was the first to win the race to give us free beer to taste!  Thanks a ton for the tasting and insight!

Jerard dropped by and let us sample the Oskar Blues line.  Dale's Pale is the best selling Pale Ale in the state and I can see why.  Just the right balance of hoppy and smooth.  I have had this before, but it was good to get re-aquainted.

What I really fell in love with, though, that I had never had before was the G'Knight - their Imperial Red Ale.  Great balance of good hoppy flavor with enough malted grains to balance it out.  Great beer, and an early front runner for a tap handle along with Dale's (almost a must... have to serve the best selling Pale Ale).  I definitely encourage a taste if you like a balanced but hoppy beer.

Many more tastings in the week to come.  We are going to check out the Renegade Tap Room on Saturday, and we will be meeting with Epic Brewing early next week along with a couple of distributors.

Tough work tasting beer... but Laura and I are just the people to do it :)

Keep those beer suggestions coming on our contact form or on the facbook.com/highplainstaphouse page.  We love to hear from everybody and definitely want to carry the stuff you want to drink.  So let us know what you want!  Wine too!

Happy Friday! and may all of your Beers be Tasty!

High Plains Tap House
Striving to be the best darn Tap House in the bar Denver Littleton area. posted: August 23, 2013
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Another week down, and the building of the best tap house in the bar denver area has begun.

Our new sign has been installed, so no more vinyl sign flapping in the wind.
New Sign at High Plains Tap House... best place in the bar denver area
The plumbers have been on site and have cut the concrete to run the plumbing lines.

It is exciting to have construction on the way!  Opening day hear we come.

Keep the suggestions on beers you would like to see coming.  I am doing my best to accomodate those people who are sending in suggestions.

More on High Plains Tap House coming soon!

May all your beers be tasty!

Striving to be the best bar Denver and Littleton have seen! posted: August 18, 2013
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Ridiculous Number of IPAs

Hop Heads this one is for you!

High Plains Tap House is planning on having a ridiculous number of IPAs available on both tap and in the bottle for all you IPA lovers.

Since I am not a true Hop Head (for some reason I thought beers were supposed to have balance), I need help choosing the IPAs that we are going to have on tap.  If you check out our Beer On Tap page (highplainstaphouse.com), you will see some of the ideas I have from talking with other Hop Heads.

So here is the deal.  Jump on our Contact page and send me your top 3 IPAs that you would like to have on tap.  (Keep in mind they have to distribute to Colorado)  I will calculate the totals and do my best to carry at least the top 5 suggested beer on tap, or at least in the bottle if not availble on tap.

Truly a Get Out and Vote! you can get behind :)  A tap house for the people, by the people!

May all your beers be tasty,

Best Darn Tap House bar in the Denver Littleton Area.  IMHO. posted: August 7, 2013
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Customer Appreciation Day This Weekend!

In our continuing effort to be the best bar in the Denver Littleton area before we even open, we are participating in the our shopping centers customer appreciation day this weekend.

Come on down to the shopping center at the NE corner of Wadworth and Chatfiled in Littleton this Saturday from 11-2pm and enjoy free food and fun!  The shopping center is passing out a coupon book with deals from all the retailers (including buy one get one free from us).

So come on down and meet us, we would love to get to know more people from the neighborhood.

May all your beers be tasty!

Nate posted: July 29, 2013
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First Ever Blog Post!

Hey hey everybody!

Our new website is up and running at HighPlainsTapHouse.com.  In the coming weeks we will be sending out more details on the best bar in the Denver Littleton area!

Be sure to jump on our facebook page at www.facebook.com/highplainstaphouse and Like us for a chance at winning free drinks, VIP tables, etc. for our opening weekend.

There will be more information coming on the beer bar of your dreams in the near future :)

May all your beers be tasty!


posted: July 24, 2013
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High Plains Tap House new website

Welcome to the High Plains Tap House new website -- a Littleton, Colorado bar & restaurant opening Fall 2013! Please call 303-669-6194 for more information.

www.bardenver.net posted: July 8, 2013
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