13 New Beers and an Amazing New Whiskey

It has been an amazing week at the Tap House!
We have tapped 13 great new beers for your drinking enjoyment!
Now on tap:
Resolute Amber Lager
Bristol Beehive Honey Wheat
Chanin Reaction Cilantro Serrano Lime
Coronado Orange Ave. Wit
Deschutes Cream Ale
Denver Beer Graham Cracker Porter
Eddyline Raspberry Wheat
Sea Dog Bluepaw Blueberry Wheat
Uinta Lime Pils
Dry Dock IPA
New Terrain Hoppatropica
Green Mountain Kama Citra
Chain Reaction Lemon IPA

And if that isn't enought we are releasing a brand new whiskey!  Keep reading to find out all about Bourye!

High Plains Tap House and Whiskey Bar carries whiskey from all around the world. High Plains currently has over 80 whiskeys on the shelves with over 40 of those being the Single Malt variety. That collection is growing as well, and High Plains will be introducing over 10 more whiskeys in the next couple weeks.

Today we will be highlighting another fantastic whiskey from High West Distillery - Bourye!
More info on High West Distillery. High West has been around since 2006 and does distill its own liquor. What made High West 2011s "Whiskey Pioneer of the Year" winner is the fact that they blend different types of whiskey together, sometimes their own, oftentimes other people’s liquors into fantastic new creations!
High West Bourye is one of the whiskeys that they blend from other people’s liquors, and it comes out beautifully!

High West Bourye is a unique and premium blend of rich bourbon and rye whiskeys, making for a premier sipping whiskey. NO ice needed with this whiskey but a couple of drops of water helps it open its beautiful bounty to your senses.

The Name:
Bourye is a combination of "Bou" for bourbon and "rye" for..well, rye whiskey. Because combining bourbon and rye is a bit unusual, High West chose the Jackalope as the mascot for this amazing drink.

More Info:
All whiskeys in this carefully crafted blend are a minimum of 10 years old and sourced from multiple distilleries. See HighWest.com for technical details and sourcing, that’s not a secret. However, the proportions are!
Clarification from the High West - They buy Aged Whiskeys then blend them for additional aging and then they bottle the final product.

Filtration - not chill-filtered, or carbon treated
ABV 46%, 92 Proof

Age, Distilled by & Mashbill:
A blend of straight Bourbon and Rye whiskeys aged from 10 to 14 years.
Straight Rye Whiskey: 95% rye, 5% barley malt from MGP & 53% rye, 37% corn, 10% barley malt from MGP
Straight Bourbon Whiskey: 75% corn, 21% rye, 4% barley malt from MGP

Barrel Type:
Whiskeys aged in new, charred white American oak barrels

Sensory Notes:
Nose - Vanilla Butter toffee, Spiced Marzipan, Roasted Nuts, Dried Pineapple
Taste - Sweet Honey Nougat, Rich Caramel, Dark Ginger Cake, Mulling Spices, Dried Stone Fruit.
Finish - Long & Rich, Roasted Pecan, Molasses, and Crème Brûlée

Get in from May 11th through May 17th to enjoy this Amazing Whiskey at $5 off a shot!

May all your whiskey be tasty!
High Plains Tap House and Whiskey Bar posted: May 11, 2017 - High Plains Tap House - Blog
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