Great Customer Service through Efficiency!

Efficiency = Great Customer Service
As Laura and I started thinking about and planning High Plains Tap House, we didn’t necessarily know the best ways to do everything we needed to do because we had never done it before.  This did bite us in a few instances, but it helped us as well.  It helped us because we took a fresh (unknowing) look at how to build in efficiencies in our bar.

If you take a look at what it takes to have outstanding customer service, you will find a lot of components.  One of the major components of great service is being able to serve the customer what they want as quickly as possible.  You can have the best servers in the world, but if they can’t get the drinks to the customers in a timely manner then what is the point.  Laura and I have been amazed over the years watching this process, and it is almost without exception the same everywhere.  First the server comes to your table and takes your order.  Then they hit whatever other tables they need to and then go and enter your order at a Point of Sale terminal.  Sometimes there is a line at the POS and sometimes not, but regardless in a busy environment it could be 5 minutes or more before your order is even entered into  the system.  At that point the server grabs their previous orders, deliver them, and then go back to repeat the process grabbing your order and finally bringing it around to your table.

When Laura and I began looking at POS systems, we wanted to fix what we saw as a horribly inefficient process, regardless of if it was how everyone else did it.  That led us to look at table side ordering.  This is a fairly new thing that you may have seen around in different markets.  The premise is simple, put the POS in the server’s hands.  This is what we have done.  We chose a company called AccuPOS that makes and Android based POS system that can be ran on any Android tablet.  This greatly reduces the time it takes to receive your drink from the time when you order it.  When the server shows up at your table and you tell them what you want, the server will enter it directly into their tablet.  This will then immediately print a ticket for the bar tender letting them know to pour your drink.  By the time the server has visited their other tables and makes it back to the bar, your order is ready!  The drinks than can be delivered straight to you!  This should allow us to be at least 50% more efficient than using a traditional POS system.  We are hoping that quicker delivery of drinks on top of quality servers and staff will make for one of the best customer experiences you have ever had in a bar or restaurant!

This is just one of the many efficiencies we designed into our build out.  Laura and I are hoping that each and every efficiency adds to the overall enjoyment our customers will have at our Tap House.

May all of your beers be tasty!

“Why go to a bar in Denver, when you can go to a Tap House in Littleton?”
  posted: October 11, 2013 - High Plains Tap House - Blog
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