Nate's Current Beer Rotation

Nate's Current Beer Rotation

So I have fallen in love with the liquor stores that offer build your own six packs from singles.  Our friends over at Chatfield Wine and Spirits offer this fun, as well as Tipsy's liquor world.

So this is what I am currently in love with... and yes I have a fickle heart.  This weeks love might be next weeks fond memory.

First off, I have been drinking a lot of New Belgium's Abbey Ale.  Every since Dayton from NB turned me onto this beer I have been in love.  Fantastic Belgium style ale with an amazing mouth feel and a wonderful body that just keep me coming back for more.  On almost every sip I tell myself what an amazing beer!  Little known fact - this is NB first ever beer that they brewed.  Get some!

Haven't really settled into the Fall or Winter beers yet... still running around in flip flops.  With that said, I just tried an amazing Pilsner for the first time a couple of nights ago by Paulaner.  Of course, anyone who knows beer, knows Paluaner.  They make some fantastic beers.  Their pilsner is no exception; it is amazing.  Really crisp, with a strong Pilsner bite, that would go amazing on a hot day.

Bard's Beer.  Gluten-free!  I tried this beer on a whim as I needed one more beer to round out my 6 pack.  I was pleasantly surprised.  This beer is brewed with Sorghum, a type of grass.  This clean drinking beer has a wonderful side note of almost peat.  Adds a nice touch to a clean finish and makes for a really drinkable, fun beer!  For all of you who have sworn off beer because of gluten, come back to the fold and enjoy a Bard's!

Magic Hat #9.  This beer is really hard for me to decide what I like about it...  I just like it.  They call it a not quite pale ale, but I don't really know what that means.  It strikes me as a nice medium bodied drink that adds some interesting nuances without anything jumping out at you.  What you get is a fun beer that you can't quite put your finger on...  Maybe it has crack in it, as I just keep buying it.

Telluride's Face Down Brown - this is just an amazing brown beer.  Takes the heavy duty brown and balances it with nice hop action and really leads to a superbly balanced beer that just goes great anytime you feel like a brown.  Definite recommendation if you like browns and haven't had it.

Finally, and this is just strange, I really like the Vietnamese beer Saigon.  Hard to find, but we get it at our favorite Pho places.  This beer is great because it seems to combine two of my favorite things... beer and Saki.  This beer is made with rice as the grain, and thus give is a clean drinkable finish with just a hint of that Saki not quite vinegar bite.  I could just drink these all day.  So tasty.

Quite a strange list, I agree but everything on there is tasty and well worth including in your own six pack.

Stay tuned.  Next time - Super Efficiency using Tablets to put in your order table side.

May all of your beers be tasty!

"Why go to a bar in Denver, when you can go to a Tap House in Littleton?"

posted: October 7, 2013 - High Plains Tap House - Blog
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