New Beers from New Belgium

Dayton stopped by from New Belgium to do a beer tasting for Laura and I.  First off Dayton is a great guy, with expansive information on craft beers but also with regards to starting your own craft beer bar slash tap house.  Dayton was nice enough to listen to our whole concept and add in his suggestions when we asked for it.  Great thanks go out to Dayton!

Now to the beers!  Dayton brought a nice selection of beers I had had quite a bit of over the years, and brand new stuff that I had never even heard of before.  We started off with the New Belgium Pumpkick, their seasonal fall beer, that has already been out for over a month.  This is an interesting beer as it doesn't have the huge "pumkin/spice" profile of a normal pumpkin beer.  Laura and I found out that is because they actually mix Cranberry in with their pumpkins to make a super smooth drinkable fall beer.  If you think of it in that light, rather than expecting a huge pumpkin spice blast then you will enjoy this beer.  Get to it soon, though, as there are doubts it will be around once fall actuall hits here in Colorado.

We tasted some stuff that we have had before, including the Abbey (I love Dubbels) and 1554 which I drank for years when it first came out, a wonderful Dark Ale if you have never had it.  Then some of the more interesting stuff came in.  I had never had a Ranger IPA before so we sampled that.  Very hoppy throughout with the hoppy finish.  Then we jumped to the Rampant Imperial IPA.  The Rampant is basically a doube Ranger, so I was expecting much of the same.  Instead you get a great beer that is actually smoother and finishes cleaner than the Ranger due to the higher ABV.  I would highly recommend tasting a Rampant if you get a chance (we will have it on tap), as it is an epic, drinkable IPA that won't leave you wishing you had a tongue scraper.

The last two I will mention are the Shift Pale Lager and the Lips of Faith (one offs specialies) Yuzu.  First the Shift is a Lager rather than an Ale, so it has a bit more non-hop body than a traditional Pale Ale would.  It has a nice hop flavor to start but finishes with a clean body and smooth finish.  This is a great session beer and I am sure I will be enjoying it again in the future.  The Yuzu is a unique beer that is a one time shot through New Belgiums Lips of Faith line.  This is a Berlinerweiss beer that is a mix of a light grassy earthy flavor with a nice sour overtone.  Not quite a lip puckering sour, but when you mix that with the grassy light drinking flavor you get an amazing combination of flavors.  I would highly recommend that if that sounds at all appealing that you get out and get a bottle soon (bombers only).  I will bet it will not be around long and then it will be gone for good.

Thanks again to New Belgium and Dayton for the tasting and great insight into beer that they provided!  We look forward to these beers on tap and in the bottle when we open up.

May all your beers be tasty!

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