Bar vs. Tap House

So we have had a few questions that we keep getting over and over, so I thought I would answer some of the questions we get a lot.

First off we are not a brew pub, meaning we do not brew our own beer.  Actually the SW Littleton area would not allow commercial brewing as it is against their zoning codes.  I do however brew at home ;)

The second question Laura and I get quite a bit is what differentiates a Tap House from a Bar.  In this case I differentiate it it mainly by the fact that we don't serve liquor (or mixed drinks) and our main product is beers on tap and in bottles, cans and bombers.  We will be moving into fine Scotches and Whiskeys, though, as soon as we get settled.  We still won't be mixing drinks with these as it will all be top quality sippers, not something you would want to waste by mixing.

Lastly, we do not have an opening date set yet.  We get asked this daily, but we are just too far out to make anything more than a general guess....  which is hopefully sometime in late October.  We will post it here first as soon as we set a date, so stay tuned.

Also we do not teach tap dance.  LOL

I hope that answers some questions for everyone especially in the Bar vs. Tap House question.

Have a great Labor Day and may all of your beers be tasty!

High Plains Tap House
"Why go to a bar in Denver, when you can go to a Tap House in Littleton?"

posted: September 1, 2013 - High Plains Tap House - Blog
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