Epic Brewing = Epic Beer Tasting!

John Turk form Epic Brewing stopped by to give us a taste experience.  First off, John is an awesome guy.  Super craft beer enthusiast, has his own craft beer radio show on AM 760 Saturdays starting at noon (coloradocraftbeershow.com), and he is just an all around super knowledgeable guy in the craft beer arena.

With that said he picked "the best brewery" to work for in his words, and I can see why.  Epic is the only brewery in the nation to specialize in only high ABV beers, and with that they really put the craft into craft beers.  If you have never had an Epic beer, run (don't walk) to the nearest place you can find one and try them.  You will not be disappointed.

We tried the Blueski Lager, a wonderful easy drinking lager that will most likely be the Bud/Coors replacement for us on tap.  Laura and I also loved the Sour Apple Saison, a ridiculously strong beer (that doesn't taste like it) and bordering just on the edge of sour (without souring agents).  Add in some spices and you have an amazing beer.  We also really liked the Stout.  Everything a stout should be, without any fancy stuff.  Most likely the Guinness replacement on Nitrous.

Their Brainless series is just that, so good you don't need to think about it...  just drink it.  They have peach, raspberry (which we tried - Laura's new favorite), and cherry along with the belgium golden which is the base for all the fruit beers.  These beers close in on the 10% ABV range and taste better than Kool-Aid (meaning can't tast the alcohol and easy drinking).  Get some.

The last one I will mention is the Escape to Colorado IPA.  This is a great bridge IPA that we will have to have on tap.  Wonderful hop flavor, but not overwhelming at all.  This will be a great beer to bridge people into IPAs that want to try them.

All in all, a wonderful tasting event.  Thanks John for the beer and the industry info!  We appreciate it!

May all of your beers be tasty,

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