Partner is an interesting word that gets used a lot to describe a people working together i.e. we are partners in crime, to a greeting i.e. Howdy Partner!, to a curse word i.e. My #@$%& partner screwed me again, to two people linking their lives together i.e. Meet my partner.
The definition is interesting to me because depending on who you are, you have had to deal with either me or my wife Laura, but not us both.  I have enjoyed blogging, and it seems people on social media are associating High Plains Tap House with me.  All of the vendors, contractors, workers, etc. have had to deal with Laura as she works to get the bar open.
I just wanted to take the time to introduce my wife Laura to the social media crew, so that everyone realizes that I have a very real partner who is shouldering a very large part of the load that is making a Tap House.
Laura and I make an excellent partnership in life, love, and the running of a business.  Focusing on the business, Laura has many of the talents that I lack and vice versa, which allows us to cover all of the needs of a fledgling Tap House.  Laura is tough, and I think that is the thing that has surprised people the most.  Laura will not be pushed around, and anyone that thinks that just because she is a beautiful woman that she can be manipulated in any way is in for a seriously rude awakening.  Laura is also an excellent relationship person.  Laura remembers names, dates, meeting times, etc.  Laura is excellent at dealing with a wide range of people issues and doing so with a smile on her face while getting her point across.  Laura and I are both good at organization, so as long as one or the other does the organizing (oh help us, not both) everything is kept in good order.  Laura has no patience.  This has come in handy many times by getting us to where we need to be by forcing her way through the bull to get to what she needs to have done.
All in all, my wife is an excellent partner.  Between the two of us, we have all of the bases covered.  Ultimately, I think people will get to know Laura more than I, as she will be the person who is always at the Tap House.
So now that everyone is introduced, we can all be friends.  :)
May all of your beers be tasty!
High Plains Tap House
“Why go to a bar in Denver, when you can go to a Tap House in Littleton?”
  posted: October 22, 2013 - High Plains Tap House - Blog
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